5 Interior Design Tips to Give Your Business a Competitive Edge


Good interior design isn’t just about making things pretty. It’s about creating an experience that reflects your brand, invites engagement and helps your business to stand out from the crowd. In fact, as some of the best and most iconic companies in the world have proven time and again that interior design can play a huge role in winning customers and gaining a competitive edge. Here are five interior design tips from the commercial interior designers in Sydney:

Add Character Through Colours and Other Tricks:

As you’re walking through a crowded venue, try to identify which businesses have character and why they stand out. You might notice that some shops are covered in bright & bold colours, while others feature wood and stone as their main building materials. Whatever it is that makes these establishments stand out, try to integrate it into your own space. Not only will you add more character to your store, but customers will feel at home there too!

Clean Up Clutter, Always!

An organised workspace has been shown to lead to greater efficiency and higher employee morale. Such commercial establishments tend to project an image of orderliness and professionalism. This is important for businesses that rely on repeat customers. According to the commercial interior designers in Sydney, companies with disorganised offices have lower customer satisfaction scores than those with more organised workspaces. Investing in storage solutions is one of the obvious ways to clear up clutter.

Don’t Forget Lighting:


Lighting is important not only to provide mood and ambience, but it also impacts how others perceive your brand. For example, a retail store with too little or too much lighting can make customers feel uneasy. You need to strike a balance between light and dark to create an interior design that’s professional yet welcoming.

Hire an Interior Designer:

If you want to create a unique, memorable space that speaks to your company’s personality, you may want to hire commercial interior design firms in Sydney. They will take charge of everything from furniture and accessories to lighting and decor, with enough leeway left over for you to specify individual items. Working with an interior designer allows you to choose whatever direction you want and need without having to make all of those decisions yourself or incur any extra costs along the way.

Customise Your Business Space:

Every brand is different. Even though you want to follow certain design patterns, you should also incorporate personalised touches that reflect who you are and what makes you unique. Most interior designers work with businesses during an expansion or renovation phase. Talk to the experts about your business and they will suggest the right commercial interior design Sydney that’d work well for your retail/office space.

Regardless of the type of business you run, it’s important to make people feel comfortable in your space so they would come back again and again. Talk to an expert interior designer and they will transform your vision into reality.

The author is an expert in commercial interior design Sydney and has several years of experience in the field. In this article, he explains some tips on commercial interior design. Visit https://www.alandcohausofdesign.com/

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