Charging Guide for Porsche Taycan Owners


Are you a Porsche owner who never owned an electric vehicle before, now looking for some details about the Porsche EV charging? This is the article for you! We have put together comprehensive deep-dive details about the Porsche EV charger, which explains how to charge the Porsche Taycan. Before that, take a quick look at Porsche Taycan. The Porsche Taycan range uses the CCS charging standard, consisting of a combined AC and DC inlet port. It is a four-door Grand Tourer that happens to be electric; it is available with two batteries, three trim levels, and four variants. The Taycan combines traditional Porsche strengths with the fastest charging speeds and a considerable electric driving range on the market today. And so, the Porsche Taycan sees Stuttgart’s famous sports car manufacturer embrace electric vehicles. Now, let have a look at the Porsche car charger.

Porsche Taycan Charging Speeds

10 AMP Portable Charger

1. 10 km /hour

2. No Installation

3. 43 Hours to Charge

This Porsche electric car charger is the cheap option for charging your Porsche Taycan.

15 AMP Portable Charger

1. 20 km /hour

2. No Installation

3. 21.5 Hours to Charge

This is one of the affordable options for charging your Porsche Taycan.

7 KW EV Charger

1. 40 km /hour

2. Installation Required

3. 11 Hours to Charge

This is one of the affordable options for charging your Porsche Taycan.

22 KW EV Charger

1. 120 km /hour

2. Installation Required

3. 4 Hours to Charge

This will be a little expensive compared to the above-mentioned chargers. However, it is entirely worth the cost. Also, you can save time and money in the long run.

25 KW DC Charger

1. 140 km /hour

2. Installation Required

3. 3 Hours to Charge

It is an expensive charging option for your Porsche Taycan. Usually, type of charger is mostly found along highways rather than at home or business locations.

Difference between DC and AC Charging

DC Charging

1. Stored in batteries of portable electronic devices

2. Is constant

3. Direct Current/Power

4. Typically used for fast charging of electric vehicles

AC Charging

1. Converted to DC by the car

2. It can be transmitted economically over long distances

3. Available on the power grid

4. Alternating Current/Power

5. Used for charging of electric vehicles at various speeds

Wrapping Up

Depending on the type of charge unit and the network, you can charge your Porsche Taycan in rapid, fast, and slow from public points. If you are looking for a convenient and cost-effective way to charge your Porsche Taycan, consider a home Porsche EV charger.

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