Common Car Gearbox Problems


The gearbox is one of the most pivotal components in a vehicle and requires proper care and maintenance to ensure long-lasting performance. However, it tends to wear out over time and may fail to perform efficiently. Constant usage, friction, and improper maintenance are some of the major causes of gearbox failure and problems. The gearbox inevitably develops some form of problem and may malfunction occasionally. Understanding gearbox problems can help you make the right decision and save money from Honda repair in San Antonio, TX.

Common Gearbox Problems

Insufficient Throttle Response

At times, when driving, you might notice a slight delay in the acceleration of the car after shifting the gear. While a delay no longer than a few seconds is quite common, a shift that takes more than two seconds is something unusual. In addition, if the delay occurs where the RPM increases after shifting, but the car’s speed barely increases, then you’re dealing with a major repair in the gearbox. This usually occurs due to a faulty clutch that cannot fully engage or disengage on time. Worn-out plates, clutch springs, and master cylinders are usually the culprits.

Fluid Split under the Car

Are you frequently noticing drops of liquid accumulating under your parked car? Well, there is a good chance that it is transmission fluid. Unlike other fluids from your car, gearbox fluid will be a bright orange color, making it very easy to identify. The source of the leak is a damaged fluid pan or broken seal. If detected early, a simple replacement of that part alone is all it needs. However, if delayed and unaddressed, the components would have incurred severe damage, leading to major repairs.

Gears Slipping

Unless your vehicle is automatic, the gearbox should work based on your actions. Sometimes, you might be faced with the situation where you shift the gear, step on the accelerator pedal, and your car jerks and falls back into the previous gear. This is called gear slipping, caused by various factors. Most times, it is due to a damaged shift fork. This can put you in a dangerous situation, and it’s advisable to immediately fix any problems within the gearbox.

Burning Smell

While driving, if there is a burning smell and it’s accompanied by improper gear shifts, then it’s obvious that the smell is originating from your gearbox. This mostly occurs when the transmission fluid overheats or the wrong fluid is used.

If you encounter any of these problems when driving, pull over in a safe place right away. Google “Honda mechanic shop near me or affordable Acura auto repair near me” and find the nearest one to your location. Call the shop and ask if they could come to your location or take your car to their garage. An experienced Honda mechanic can diagnose and fix the problem quickly.

The author is an experienced Honda mechanic. Whether you need a tune-up, an overhaul, regular maintenance in-line with your factory warranty or Honda repair in San Antonio, TX, he can get the job done quickly. Visit for more details.

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