Common Jewelry Care Mistakes to Avoid

Fine jewelry is valuable and personal. You wear your favorite piece almost every day. Aren’t you? Undoubtedly, jewelry can last a lifetime. But, routine maintenance plays a significant role in retaining the jewelry’s value and keeping it as beautiful as the day you received it. Even the jewelry that isn’t worn for a long time requires some care and maintenance.

That said, the internet is flooded with DIY tutorials for cleaning and maintaining jewelries. Unfortunately, not all of them are created equal. If you aren’t careful with your jewelry, you might end up damaging the jewelry, leading to expensive jewelry repair Albuquerque. In fact, a part of making the most of your jewelry involves knowing how to care for them properly. We wanted to help you and compiled a list of common jewelry mistakes people make. Take a look at these common mistakes to avoid when taking care of your jewelry:-

Not Properly Storing

Proper storage is important. You can’t just throw your favorite piece of jewelry in a plastic box. Where your jewelry is stored and how long it isn’t used can also impact the jewelry’s condition and appearance. Humidity can tarnish precious jewelry, and even air can have a negative impact on jewelry pieces. Similarly, jewelry that rubs against other pieces can get damaged. The right way to store any type of jewelry is to use a box that is specifically designed for jewelry storage. A jewelry box will ensure that the pieces are stored and protect from air exposure. Some boxes consist of separate sections to prevent tangling and scratching. A necklace tree would be a better option, but you’ll have to dust and clean the pieces more frequently. Make sure to clean your jewelry before storing it.

Not Cleaning the Jewelry

Like anything, jewelry can accumulate grime and dirt with regular use. Not cleaning can affect the jewelry’s appearance and make it look dull and faded. Of course, it will take time. But, it will be obvious, and people will notice it sooner. Based on the jewelry you own and how you store it, you will have to clean the jewelry every few weeks to make it look as beautiful as the day you received it.

Wearing It in the Shower

Some choose to wear the jewelry when they bath or shower, allowing it to clean. While for some type of jewelry like gold isn’t a big deal as they hold up well in water, diamond jewelry will not fare so well. Hard water can damage the precious stone and make it look dull over time. It is better to remove your jewelry before you shower, bathe, surf, or jumping into the pool.

Avoid these mistakes when maintaining your jewelry. Proper care can make the jewelry last a lifetime. Jewelry stores in Albuquerque offer a range of jewelry repair Albuquerque and maintenance services to keep your jewelry in pristine condition.

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