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Are you getting ready to host a company picnic to show gratitude for a job well done? If you know that you will be hosting a corporate catered picnic, it is a good idea to plan way ahead of time. One of the most important factors to consider for the corporate picnic is “Food, Food and More Food!” So, probably, now you will be looking for corporate picnic catering tips. If so, you are on the right path! This article gives you some dishes you should consider for your corporate picnic and make it the perfect company picnic. Yes, to ensure everyone in the picnic feels accommodated, it is good to hire the best caters who specialise in catering Parramatta and know the dishes you have to include in the menu when planning a corporate picnic. As the owner of a company, you have to pay attention to this point when you prepared to take your employees out for a picnic. This helps allow your employees to enjoy time away from work without a rigidly structured atmosphere.

Drinks on Ice

The perfect accompaniment to a sophisticated picnic is drinking on ice! Yes, cocktails. Consider organising some cocktails to compliment your surroundings. It will push the boat out and keep everything cool. Along with that, make sure to add some refreshing, non-alcoholic options.

For example,

– Yummy juices

– Iced tea

– Bubbling soft drinks

– Water – may be infused fruit for extra flavour

Yes, BBQ isn’t complete without an ice-cold beer; however, these options won’t make any of your staff down. All you have to do is hire the right catering company that specialises in offering both non-alcoholic options and cocktails. The company of office catering Parramatta will stock the eskies with tones of ice and make you have a wide selection of drinks on offer.

Food in the Picnic

Tip 1: It’s a good idea to label the food so that people know what they can and can’t eat.

Tip 2: Consider adding dairy-free, gluten, and vegan burgers options to the menu.

Tip 3: BBQ meat and veggies is the must

Tip 4: Don’t forget the fruit skewers, or cut fruit, and Crisps and dips

Tip 5: You can offer delicious gourmet sandwiches and wraps as the breakfast

Tip 6: As evening snacks, you can consider cupcakes and other dessert treats, Scotch eggs, Quiche and sausage rolls.

Note: Do not forget to cater for all food allergies and special diets your staff may have.

Final Words

Company picnics are the perfect way to let loose, get outside, team-build and most importantly, an opportunity to show your attendees a little appreciation for the ongoing contribution to the company. Are you thinking of throwing a picnic for staff, suppliers or for business partners? Consider corporate catering Parramatta! It’s a great way to have pleasant conversations and enjoying a bit of fresh air while enjoying some delicious food.

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