Don’t Make These 4 Mistakes When Hiring an Interior Designer


When it comes to designing an interior space, hiring an interior designer can make the process a lot easier and less overwhelming. However, if you haven’t hired an interior designer in the past, it can be hard to know who to choose. Some of them have years of experience, while others might have just opened their own business. This guide will help you avoid these four common mistakes when choosing interior designers in Chatswood, so you can be sure that you’re working with the best person for your needs.

Mistake 1: Hiring the Very First Designer You Meet

Be aware that you are very likely to hire your first designer you meet. In order to find a good match for your needs, it’s important to interview at least three designers before hiring one. Do not forget about online resources. Online reviews from trustworthy sources can help narrow down your options and keep you from making a hasty decision. It’s always better safe than sorry!

Mistake 2: Hiring Someone Who Doesn’t Specialise in Your Needs

There are a lot of design specialties, so don’t hire someone who doesn’t specialise in your particular needs. If you want office renovations, for example, look for interior designers in Chatswood with years of experience in this field of work. Not all designers are equipped to handle every kind of space. For instance, some designers specialise in commercial projects, whether others would work only on residential projects. Be sure that any designer you interview has experience in your project type.


Mistake 3: Hiring a Designer Based on Price Alone

While price is certainly a factor, there are other things you should keep in mind as well. If you’re working with a tight budget, you may be tempted to go with a cheaper option. However, it’s often worth spending more on good design. While cheap options will get you through in a pinch and produce fine results, they likely won’t last long or function optimally. The key is to invest in an eye-appealing design that lasts longer and prevents hassles down the road.

Mistake 4: Not Asking About their Design Philosophy

Each designer is different. Some interior design firms in Chatswood specialise in a certain style, while others are more eclectic. Before you make a final decision, ask your prospective designers about their design philosophy, including any trends or styles they are passionate about. Their answers will help you narrow down your search and find someone who shares your vision for your space. If you’re not sure what you want, bring along photos of spaces you like and see which ones catch their eye.

Avoid these common pitfalls in the hiring process and you will find one of the best commercial interior designers in Chatswood that will be able to turn your vision into reality.

The author is a professional interior designer who is working at one of the recognised interior design firms in Chatswood. In this write-up, he lists some of the common mistakes one should prevent when hiring an interior designer. Visit

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