Engaging Activities for Primary School Students

Student engagement is the key to success in all classrooms. Motivation is crucial to learning and achievement therefore teachers are constantly searching for new ways to engage their students in the classroom. Students who have a high amount of attention, interest, curiosity and positive emotional connections are most engaged and go on to achieving their learning goals and being more resilient through challenges in learning. This sets up children to thrive later in their next levels of education and in their careers.

Student-driven engagement is the most effective way to involve students in high-quality learning. This can be achieved by teachers focusing on creating challenging and interesting tasks that require students to discuss with others and work collaboratively with their peers and resources. One strategy to improve student engagement and motivation is to create structures for student ownership. In recent years, teachers have used the structure of learning intentions and success criteria which explicitly describes what learners should know, understand and be able to do by the end of a lesson. This is wonderful because the learning targets and broken down into dot points so that students can track and self-assess their progress throughout a lesson.


If you’re an educator or parent searching for educational websites for teachers, visit the Resources for Teaching online store. These ‘Learning Intentions and Success Criteria Templates’ and many more educational resources for teachers and students can be instantly downloaded from their website. These 17 reusable templates make it easy to visually explain how students will be successful in each lesson and subject throughout the day. Simply print, laminate/ place in a plastic pocket and display in classroom. You can use whiteboard markers to record your daily learning focus and erase to re-use the next day. Resources for teaching have a library of useful materials for teachers to ensure students enjoy each lesson and develop the skills required to be successful in the real world.

The author is a writer who often publishes articles on health and education for their readers online. She also manages a website that offers a range of teaching resources online. Visit https://resourcesforteaching.com.au/ for more information.

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