Find Leakages in Baghouse Filters Using the Snifter A1+ Broken Bag Detector


Regardless of the industry, it’s vital to monitor, maintain, and prevent leaks in baghouse filters, as this ensures your plant complies with industry standards. Baghouse filters are equipped with several filter bags. When any of the filters fail, the emission limit of dust may exceed, making your plant unsafe. Therefore, it’s crucial to detect any leaks and replace defective bags immediately.

However, given the size of a baghouse, detecting leaks in such a big device can be tricky and challenging. This is because there won’t be any signs or indications of the emission on the clean gas side, even if there’s a small leak. This is when the Snifter A1+ Broken Bag Detector comes to the rescue.

What is a Snifter A1+ Broken Bag Detector?

The Snifter A1+ is an innovative and cost-effective filter leak detector used to monitor all the outlets in a baghouse. With its innovative and advanced features, the Snifter A1+ can quickly identify the leaking bags inside the baghouse compared to its counterparts in the market.

This device has a convenient auto-setup function that can identify dust concentration inside the broken bags within 10 minutes of installation. In addition, the device can detect, alert, and alarm the plant operators when there’s a leak and the filtration process is compromised.

How Does it Work?

The Snifter A1+ detectors depend on unique inductive electrification technology that helps measure the leaks in the bags effectively. The device can calculate the concentration of the dust by the particles interacting with an isolated probe mounted into the duct. When moving particles come into contact with the probe, the devices induce a signal which is then processed through Sintrol’s algorithms to filter the noise while offering an accurate measurement of dust.

The technology used in the Snifter A1+ is more sensitive and reduces the influence of temperature fluctuation, sensor contamination, and velocity changes. With this technology, it’s possible to accurately measure the dust concentration threshold as low as 0.01 mg/m3. Wouldn’t that be a great way to prevent abrasion, degradation and chemical attacks on filter bags?

Baghouse systems are the most cost-effective and efficient systems for particle control in most industrial settings. But, they’re effective only when they are maintained, inspected, and have proper leak detection equipment in place.

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