Florida Timeshare Cancellation Letter 101


A letter for timeshare cancellation in Florida lets you terminate your timeshare contract legally and in writing, without any further obligation to pay maintenance fees or abide by the contract terms. If you own an interest in a timeshare unit, whether it’s a week in the summer at the beach or an apartment on the slopes of Colorado, you can save yourself hundreds or even thousands of dollars each year by getting rid of it—and Florida timeshare cancellation letters can make that process as easy as possible.

Florida Cancelling Timeshare Law

The Truth Revealed – There’s no magic bullet to cancel a timeshare contract. If you’re looking for something that will get you out of your timeshare contract with a simple click of a button, then you won’t find it here. Timeshares can only be canceled with careful planning and help from a timeshare attorney Florida who is familiar with Florida’s canceling timeshare law. That said, there are options for Florida residents interested in canceling their timeshares. It all starts with a carefully-worded letter explaining why you need out of your contract. Read on for details about how to write cancellation letters effectively.

Get All Information Together

Before you can cancel your timeshare, you’ll need to get together all of your membership documents and any communications related to cancellation. Print out everything that’s in front of you; nothing will be easier on your attorney than dealing with actual paper copies. So gather everything you have—if it doesn’t look like a stack of papers nearly as tall as you are, it isn’t enough. Also, collect the right and accurate details to write a perfect timeshare cancellation letter.

Writing a Timeshare Cancellation Letter

1.Get your cancellation request in writing.

2.Include a clear request to cancel your timeshare.

3.List all the important details.

4.List all the important details.

5.Send all correspondence by certified mail.

The first step in getting out of a timeshare is to send a cancellation letter to your timeshare’s management company. While most companies will make an attempt to collect any unpaid fees or force you into arbitration, they usually have little legal recourse against you if you have sent them a proper notification of intent to cancel. Since there are so many different management companies, be sure to look up what company services your timeshare before beginning your letter. Send your letter by certified mail (it’s important) and keep a copy for yourself.

Choose an Attorney

If you are looking for a Florida timeshare cancellation, choosing an attorney can make all of the difference. This is why it’s important to find a reputable timeshare cancellation attorney in Florida who will help you navigate these waters. An experienced lawyer will be able to take a look at your purchase agreement and advise you on what legal steps to take next. If your cancellation letter doesn’t work and you’re still stuck with a timeshare that isn’t worth what you paid for it, an attorney can also represent you in court if necessary.

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