Helping Your Toddler Adjust To Preschool


Your child has started preschool, and it’s hard for both of you. You are freaking out, and that’s why you are here searching for some valuable insights into help your child get used to preschool. You aren’t alone. The first few months of transitioning a toddler into childcare is challenging, and it will be like a roller coaster ride for both you and your little one. Well, things will get okay soon, and you just have to hang on.

If your child refuses to go to preschool and you are struggling to get them adjusted, these tips will help you.

Patience Is the Key

See, for a pre-schooler, Dural kindergarten means change in routine, a step into an unused zone, and separation from parents or caregivers. Your child would be probably dealing with a great number of emotions than you. Being calm during the meltdown and trying not to cry during drop off can all make the difference. Just be patient, your kid will be happy to be at preschool with his or her friends rather than staying at home.

Prepare Yourself

Understanding how to help your kid adjust to Dural early childhood centre starts with you. Children are very clever and they tend to pick up from their parents and people around them. If you are going to let your emotions take over you, your child will do the same. It will never work the way you wanted. Be calm and confident when talking about why they need to go to preschool. Prepare yourself for the transition. Choose the right Dural childrens centre so that you’ll have a piece of mind that your child is in safe hands.

Get Help from Teachers

Teachers are well-trained to take care of your kids, help them learn and play, and make them happier at school. Teachers have seen both smooth and challenging transition of various kids. If you are worried, please talk to the teachers at day-care and find out what you could do to get your child adjusted to the new phase in their life.

Build Trust

Always tell your child positive things about preschool as it will help build trust. They will ensure that they are in the safe place while away from their parents. Talk about the daily routine, and schedule and don’t hype the experience.

Create a Routine

Without setting a routine, you both will suffer. Children need routine. Knowing what to expect can give your child a feeling of self-control, and they will be more confident. So, set a routine.

There are you are. These tips should help make the transition to preschool easier and more fun.

The author is a blogger, and owns a Dural kindergarten. He claims to provide a warm and caring environment where your child can play and learn. For more details, please visit

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