Here’s How to Find Your Target Audience for Your Brand


Are you sure you are delivering the right message to the right people? If you aren’t, you might be targeting the wrong audience. See, attracting customers to your business is the key to successful marketing campaign, especially in the early stages of marketing. Sadly, even businesses with a solid marketing plan tend to understand whom they serve truly. In fact, marketing an exceptional product or service and knowing whom to sell, go hand in hand.

Identifying the target audience enables you to modify and customise your products or service according to customer needs for better reach. You can then create a strategic marketing campaign that conveys the right message to the right people. Identifying your target is the foundation for your marketing strategy.

These pointers from the marketing experts from the advertising agency Parramatta

Start From Your Customer Base

Who are your current customers are and what and why they are buying from you? Identify the common characteristics and interests? Which type of customers you are serving? It is likely that other people like your current customers could also greatly benefit from your products and service.

Know Your Competitors

Have you ever thought about your competitors? For whom they are selling? Who is their target audience? Of course, you don’t have to go behind them. But, knowing your competitors and their customers can help you define your niche market and target audience.

Analyse Your Product or Service

What are the features of your product or service? What is the uniqueness of your product or service? How your business is different from your competitors? List out the benefits of your products and service. By doing this, you can identify people who can be benefited by your business.

Consider Demographic

When it comes to identifying your target audience, choosing a specific demographic to target is the key. You should not only identify who has the need for your business but also who is most likely to buy it. Consider key factors, including location, age, gender, occupation, income, education, and other details for better understanding.

Consider Target Customer’s Lifestyle

Yes. It is very important to understand the psychographics of your target, personal characteristics of a person like personality, behaviour, interests, hobbies, etc. Considering these can help understand whether your products or service will fit your target audience’s lifestyle.

There you are; with these tips, you can identify your target audience and what they are looking for. While it’s hard to find your target market, you can create an effective marketing plan once you do. It’s a good idea to get the assistance of marketing agency Parramatta to run effective marketing campaigns. A good advertising company Parramatta can help identify your target audience and know how to attract them to your business.

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