How A Car Windscreen Gets Damaged?


An ordinary windscreen can become damaged in various ways during daily use, ranging from scratches and cracks to chips and dents. The most dangerous damage, however, comes from flying debris or stones – these can not only crack or break the windscreen but also cause damage to other vehicle parts such as lights and body panels. If you’re wondering how a car windscreen gets damaged, read on to find out more.

The Purpose of the Windscreen

The main purpose of any windscreen is to protect you from falling debris, harmful ultraviolet rays, and other flying objects while driving. When they are not in place however, some of these objects can hit you in your car and cause great damage to both your vehicle and body. This is why it’s crucial to fix or replace damaged windscreens immediately.

The Parts That Make Up a Windscreen

The windshield is made up of 5 different parts:

1. A layer of polyvinyl butyral (PVB)

2. An inside layer of polyurethane acrylonitrile (PUR)

3. An outside layer of polycarbonate (PC)

4. The interlayer

5. A sheet of protective glass on top

Although all five elements are required for a functioning windscreen, you only need to replace one if it gets damaged.

What Happens When A Windscreen Is Damaged?

The windscreen, or windshield, is an essential part of any car. As such, you want to take care of it and keep it in good condition so that you can drive safely. The following are some things to consider if your windscreen has damage:

1) Cracks

2) Chips

3) Dents

4) Debris stuck between glass and plastic

5) Scratches

6) Damage caused by vandalism

7) Holes

8) Obscured visibility

9) Discolouration

When you scrape your car, you’re probably pretty careful not to damage its paintwork. However, a scratch isn’t always as visible as you might think. If you scrape your windscreen in an accident, it can result in more than just tiny scrapes on the glass; damage to your windscreen can lead to problems with visibility and cost much more money for windshield repair Sydney if left untreated. In some extreme cases it could lead to dangerous driving conditions that put other people at risk of injury or death.

Cost of Replacing a Windscreen

While it’s possible to replace your own windscreen, at some point you might find yourself in need of a professional for windscreens replacement Sydney. While there is no specific cost for replacing a windscreen, as every vehicle is different, there are some typical price ranges that you can expect. Before you schedule an appointment with your repair shop or auto glass provider, be sure to call and ask about their windscreens replacement Sydney cost.

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