How Much Does It Cost To Get A Diamond Replaced In A Ring?

There’s no straight answer to this question as a lot of factors affect the cost of a diamond replacement in your old ring. Maybe the gem you are looking for is unique. Perhaps you need a stone custom-cut and fitted to your ring. Moreover, the integrity of the prongs, channels, and other metals holding the stones in place should be factored in. all these factors influence the cost greatly. Whether the diamonds have been lost or damaged, local Albuquerque jewelers can carry most of the replacements on-site.

So What Factors Go Into The Cost Of Diamond Replacement In A Ring?


The weight of the diamond stone you select influence the cost significantly. If the missing stone is small, then these diamonds are usually 0.007 to 0.15 carat, and such stones would cost anywhere from $15 to $25 depending on the quality and size of the diamond. For larger center stones, the cost would differ. The higher the weight, the higher the cost. Moreover, you need to understand the fact that diamond stones are highly variable in terms of prices and stock. Diamonds are a unique and rare phenomenon and they take more time and resources to source them. This adds to the overall cost of the replacement.

Color and Clarity

Next to weight, color and clarity of the diamond is another major factor that affects the overall cost of the replacement. Generally, colorless diamonds are more expensive. However, rare, fancy diamonds like red, pink, and black are also very expensive.


The cut of a diamond also determines pricing. For instance, if you ask the jeweler for an emerald cut, it won’t be readily available and it will take time to get them done. Depending on the market, the price might be higher.


Finally, size is a major factor the affects the overall cost of the replacement. The bigger the size, the more expensive the replacement. Price can get high even when there’s a quarter or half carat difference.

How Long Does It Take For Stone Replacement?

Depending on the size and jewelry repair Albuquerque, turnaround differs. This is because the jewelers have to check for the signs of any damages in the setting and band and ensure the ring is good to go. If there’s any damage, it has to be fixed and it adds up to the overall cost of the replacement.

Whether you are looking for jewelry repair or watch repair Albuquerque nm, make sure to choose a reputed jeweler who can fix any repair.

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