How Often Should I Visit My Parents In An Aged Care Facility?


Well, it’s indeed a tricky question as there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. It really depends on how well you could manage to visit your aged parents in aged care facilities Sydney in spite of your busy schedule and how often you think your parents will appreciate your visit.

It’s no wonder adult children with aging parents in aged care facilities worry and have questions about visiting and spending time with their loved ones. This type of apprehension is very common and understandable and results from a lack of information about how seniors will respond and their requirements. However, your anxiety and fear shouldn’t become an obstacle to visiting your loved ones.

So, How Often Should You Visit Your Elderly Parents?

It’s understandable that you’ll be juggling with family, work, and social commitments, leaving not much time to visit and spend time with your aged parents. While for a few families, visiting every week is common, this is not the case for others and visiting frequency will be less from monthly once or twice a year. However, just because your parents live in elderly care Sydney, it doesn’t mean you have to cut back your visits. While some believe that they should check in daily, others feel it is okay to drop in less as the aged care providers Sydney take care of them.

If you have never got along with your parents, it can be difficult for them. Nonetheless, every relationship is different, and you shouldn’t feel pushed to visit your parents, but you should visit them because you want to.

Even if you are parents have dementia or Alzheimer’s and can’t recognise you, they can gain a lasting, positive impact from your visit. Of course, they can’t express it. But, they might be able to recognise and cherish the memories. Your visits and opportunities to socialise can help them feel positive and relaxed. See, people with Alzheimer’s tend to have emotional memory where they can remember how events have made them feel, even when they can’t remember the details.

Overall, visits can help enhance and improve your aged parent’s mood, sense of belonging, and self-esteem.

Tips for Deciding On the Frequency of Visits

If your parents are at the transition period from home to an aged care facility, you’ll want to visit them as often as every day for the first two weeks or till they get adjusted to the new environment. When you visit often, you’ll get to know the quality of care and how safe and content your parents are.

When they are settled, you could reduce the frequency of visits. However, it’s a good idea to visit them whenever possible so that your aged parents won’t feel lonely.

If you can’t visit often, remember the quality of stay and time you spend with them is much more important than the frequency of visits. So, ensure to make the most of your visit as emotional closeness matters more than the number of visits, according to a leading study.

The author is a blogger and owns a reputable elderly care in Sydney. With a team of friendly and dedicated caregivers, he offers personalised elderly care services in all facets of community care. for more details.

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