How to Calm an Aggressive Dog? Here are Some Expert Tips


Dogs are wonderful creatures. They can be loyal and protective. Unfortunately, dogs may be at times extremely aggressive. Your dog must receive the assistance to help modify the aggression behaviour before it gets worse. An expert dog trainer in Burnaby may give you tips along with the necessary training to help modify the aggressive behaviour in your dog.

Observe Your Dog’s Behaviour:

Dogs are very communicative. From the way they walk to the way they wag their tail, they communicate everything to you. It’s important that you know your dog’s body language, so that you can understand when they are feeling particularly aggressive. If possible, try to figure out what specifically triggers your dog’s aggression. Is there anything that provokes your dog and to act aggressively?

Modify their Aggressive Behaviour:

Change how they respond to certain situations. A dog behaviourist offering private dog training in Vancouver will implement useful techniques to minimize aggressive behaviour in dogs. Train your dog on a consistent basis so that it becomes a daily routine. The goal is to help build trust and confidence on the dog and the owner/handler. This may help cope with different scenarios while aiming to control any aggressive behaviours.

Develop Social Skills:

One of the most common mistakes owners make when raising a puppy is not taking the time to socialize them. This is why many dogs become aggressive towards other dogs or people. Controlled socialization is a key factor in a dog’s life. It also helps them learn to be comfortable in a variety of situations. If your dog is not properly socialized, they may become nervous around strangers or other dogs.

If your dogs deal with socialization issues, you can enroll them in puppy training Burnaby to resolve the same. The expert may train your dogs to develop a good relationship with others. A trainer’s goal is to help modify the dog’s aggressive behaviour when they socialize.

Positive Reinforcement:

Never physically abuse your dog when they behave in an aggressive way. This will only make the situation worse. Positive reinforcement and motivational training with the guidance of a dog aggression prevention training expert may help prevent this type of unpleasant behaviour. Furthermore, these trained professionals may help you recognize aggressive behaviour and its respective triggers, so you may take steps to properly train your pet at home.

Aggressive behaviour in dogs can be frustrating for dog owners. If you suspect that your dog is suffering from aggression issues, contact an expert offering puppy training in Burnaby at the earliest.

The author is an expert offering puppy training in Burnaby for more than two decades. In this article, he explains some of the effective ways with which one can calm an aggressive dog. To know more, visit

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