How to Choose the Most Appropriate Socks for You

We make a lot of crucial decisions everyday that sometimes we no longer have the energy for the ones that are of lesser importance. This is the reason why it’s so hard to choose where to eat for dinner, or what to cook for breakfast. What to wear to work or what shoes to wear. The worst part is you can’t even choose which pair of socks to wear.

There are a few things to consider when choosing which sock to wear. Maybe you want to wear something long and comfortable or maybe you want to consider wearing one that is more functional. To understand socks, you need to understand two things: Height and Finish.

Choice of Height

There are four (4) different heights for socks. First,the invisible sock. These are the types you would want to wear when you want to put all the focus in your shoes. These are small socks that won’t show and are the most discreet. This sock gives off a barefoot style minus the irritation and blisters that comes with going barefoot when wearing shoes.

Second,the modern sock. This is the classic design that most people can see being sold in stores. From crazy socks for kids to formal socks for the office, this type of sock is the most worn and used by the general demographic. Dance socks that’s commonly used for ballet are also usually this high.

Third, the knee-high sock. This is the largest and the most trendy according to some people. Its height goes just below the knee. Great knee-high socks don’t leave traces or elastic on the skin. It’s perfect for the more conservative and for the more playful. It’s mostly worn for the classic old english gentleman look or the modern short skirt school girl.

Lastly, there’s the high sock. High socks reach up above the knee. They’re the crazy socks Australia need especially during the winter. On top of that, it’s also great for short skirts and dresses.

Match socks with outfits

There are a few things you can do to match your socks to your outfit. It’s just a matter of color picking and understanding your style. The easiest way is to follow the classic; wear black, white, or navy blue. Darker neutral colors are often overlooked in the context of style. They very easily fuse in the outfit and will essentially be invisible.

You might also be the type who would like to go more elegant. If you want a more refined look, you might want to choose beautiful pastel tints. When wearing short jeans with red shoes, you might want to wear a muted maroon for your socks.

The author is a fashionista who keeps her readers updated on all things fashion. In this article, she provides some tips for choosing the most appropriate socks for you. Visit for more details.

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