How to Choose the Right Mirror Your Bathroom


Have you ever looked at your bathroom mirror and felt that it doesn’t suit your bathroom? Well, a bathroom mirror is one of the most significant décor elements of a bathroom that is often overlooked. It is the mirror that ties your space together and has a drastic effect on your bathroom’s overall feel. That said, the idea of choosing the bathroom can bring a slew of questions over making the right choice. While choosing bathroom mirrors can be fun, it is challenging to pick the right one that suits your bathroom.

Plenty of things need to be considered when choosing a mirror for your bathroom, and here are they, as suggested by bathroom specialists Sydney:-


You wouldn’t want to end up bringing a too small or big mirror that will take over the wall and make your bathroom look appear off balance. That’s why size is important when choosing a mirror for your bathroom. Base the size of the mirror on the size of the vanity. Measure the height and breadth before heading to the store.


Next to size, the shape is one of the significant factors you need to consider when selecting a mirror for your bathroom. Decide whether you want a round, rectangle, or oval-shaped mirror. While these are the most common shapes, you can go for different shapes if you want to add something unique and modern to your bathroom. Don’t limit the shape if you want to treat your mirror as a piece of art.


Colour should be a major concern when it comes to choosing a bathroom mirror. For a framed mirror, ensure the colour of the mirror coordinates with the rest of the bathroom. There are colours that match the frame to the vanity cabinetry colour. Pick a colour that contrasts with the colours of your bathroom in an aesthetic manner.


Choose a mirror that can make a statement and blend well with your bathroom colours and décor elements. For small bathrooms, a simple mirror would do wonders. But if you have a big bathroom, a unique mirror will create a wow factor and boost your bathroom’s overall theme.

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