How to Wash and Take Care of Your Beach Towels


So you are back from a great beach vacation of sunbathing and surfing on the beach. It’s no doubt that you had a wonderful time with your friends or family. Now it’s time to clean those beach towels. It’s very easy, just throw them in the washing machine, right? It’s very simple to do that. But, the fact is it’s not the right way to wash your super absorbent beach towel.

Of course, a microfiber beach towel is designed to be super absorbent and soft on the skin. But, they are no longer the same when they have hundreds of grains of sand all over them. Moreover, your washing machine isn’t designed to handle a huge amount of sand, and it can leave traces of sand on everything after the load of beach towels. Deeply embedded towels can damage the towel’s thread, making them look dull and harder. Proper cleaning and washing is crucial to prolong the lifespan of the microfiber towels and ensure the softness of the towel.

So, how to clean and wash fast drying beach towels? Read on to find out:-


Microfiber towels are designed in such a way they don’t absorb sand. But, still it’s important to shake the towels. Give the towels a nice shake to get as much of the sand as you can from the towels. Yes, all it needs is a good shake.


While an initial shake at the beach is a good idea, dry your towel in the sun as your chances of getting rid of the sand is higher. Also, the warm ultraviolet rays of the sun can dry your towel and kill off the germs in the towel.

Shake Again

This is one of the most important steps to get off the sand from the beach towel completely. It will not only make your house a mess but also damage your washing machine. Once the towel dries in the sun, give it a good shake. Although this step might be tempting to skip this step, don’t skip.

Load Your Washing Machine

Now your towels are dry, and most of the sand has been shaken off, it’s time to wash them. Sort out your beach dress and towels separately. Keep your beach towels away from other laundries for the first few cycles to avoid dyes bleeding and running into them. However, if you have only a couple of beach towels, you could mix it up with other laundries. Make sure to choose the right detergent, temperature, and cycle to not to damage your brand new beach towels.

Dry And Store

Machine dry or air dry are the two options you have got. Let them dry in the open air or use a machine dry. If you are using machine dry, it’s essential to choose the correct cycle. Once your towel dries, fold them, and store them in a dry place.

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