Ideas to Host an Epic Summer Hens Party


Do your pre-wedding celebrations fall during the summer months? If yes, get ready for a treat with a different range of fun-filled hens party ideas to make your summer hens party a great hit. Usually, the hens party has got a little ‘samey’ tag. Here we’ve come up with a few inspiring summer hens night ideas that help you stand out from the crowd.

Head to the Beach with Your Girl Pals

Are you bored of a themed hens party? If yes, make a trip to the beach with your besties and spend a weekend away drenching in the solace of the frothy sea. What’s better than sunbathing with a refreshing ice cream surrounded by your team bride? You can also plan on a few bachelorette party games to add extra fun. Don’t forget your beach hats, sunglasses, and other hens party supplies because they make the perfect prop for some Instagram-worthy pictures. If you want to make your beach hens party more thrilling, you can also plan on taking surfing lessons.

Boat Party

Don’t want to celebrate your hens party in a dry land? How about a boat party? Yes, a boat party is the best choice for brides who are looking for a seaside getaway. Hire a party boat and have fun and enjoy yourself like a celebrity all day long. Nowadays, party boats are equipped with live music, fun and relaxing indoor and outdoor entertainment areas, and more. So, there is no limit to the fun!

Plan Some Outdoor Activities

Do you want to be remembered for organising the best ever hens party? Then choose an afternoon activity that’s unique and fun. Whether it be a boat cruise to experience the beauty of your surroundings or a round of golf with your group, plan an experience that your guests will not forget in a hurry. Some popular outdoor activities for your summer hens party are organising a picnic, horse riding, trekking, kayaking, rock climbing, and more.

BBQ Party

For bride-to-be’s who want to celebrate their hens party in the comfort of their home, a backyard BBQ setup is the call of the day. It is a perfect option for all ages and an opportunity to catch up with the gossips before the big day. If you want to host a cheap hens party without spending the weekend away from home, you can definitely go with a BBQ hens party.

Planning to host a hens party this summer? Don’t get carried away by the same themed hens parties. Choose your favourite summer hens party idea and host the best summer hens party ever.

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