Important Reasons Why Your Dog is Aggressive


Lunging, biting, snapping, and growling are all aggressive canine behaviours that several dog owners notice. Aggression may be a sign of something more serious. In order to help you figure out the reason for aggression in dogs, a dog behaviourist in Vancouver explains some important causes below:


When dogs don’t get what they want, they may get frustrated. A frustrated dog may often react aggressively at things or people who have the closest interaction with them. Do not underestimate this aggressive behaviour. It may appear to be a harmless behaviour, but it must be addressed with dog training in Vancouver.

Food Aggression:

The smallest puppy in the litter who may have been deprived or had to compete during the nursing stage may tend to be food aggressive later in its life. Some dogs that have been rescued due to living astray may also be affected. This is due to the competition with others and the environment for food survival.

Resource Guarding:

Dogs that exhibit resource guarding may for some examples love their favorite toy, resting area, or even their owner. The dogs may be aggressive in defending these things from other dogs or people. If this ever happens when you walk your dog or a guest visits you, it is highly recommended to seek the assistance of a professional offering aggression prevention dog training. If left unresolved, this may easily escalate to a more serious behaviour.


Fear is one of the biggest reasons why dogs exhibit aggression. Lack of proper socialization and unpleasant experiences with other dogs or people in the past often lead to fear-based aggression. It is important to seek the assistance from a professional dog trainer.

Sickness or Injury:

Some illnesses and/or injuries may cause dogs to react aggressively. If your dog’s behaviour has changed lately into displaying an irritable and or aggressive behaviour, it may be likely due to he or she being sick or injured. So, it’s important to seek the help of a vet who will diagnose and offer the right treatment for your pet.

If you are feeling challenged by your “aggressive” dog, contact a private dog training in Vancouver. They may assist you with professional dog training guidance, valuable information and handy tips.

The author is an experienced dog behaviourist in Vancouver working at a recognised dog training center for more than two decades. In this write-up, he explains some of the common reasons behind aggression in dogs. Visit for more information.

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