Is Autism Considered a Disability? How is it treated?

Insights from Experienced ABA Therapy Professionals in Richardson, TX


The short answer is “yes.” Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a group of developmental disabilities that impacts an individual’s cognitive skills, communication skills, social skills, self-care abilities, and on-task behaviors. About 1 in 54 children in the United States receive an ASD diagnosis every year, and the rate of Autism prevalence has increased by about 10 percent in the last two years. As a complex neurological condition, ASD manifests itself differently in every individual, and no two children will ever experience the exact same symptoms or challenges. However, the one thing common with an Autism diagnosis is that it impacts the quality of life of the individual, as well as their families.

The experienced Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy experts at Behavior Pioneers, an autism therapy center in Dallas, TX, and surrounding areas, explain how behavioral interventions can help in minimizing the pervasive effects of ASD.

Applied Behavior Analysis Therapy: The Gold Standard in Treating ASD

The Basics of ABA Therapy: One of the most researched and evidence-based interventions for treating individuals with Autism, ABA therapy offers promising results for families dealing with ASD. Over the years, ABA has evolved into a group of therapies and interventions that use positive reinforcement techniques to build skills and modify behaviors in children with Autism. The behavior therapy in Dallas TX involves a customized curriculum that caters to every child’s specific needs and developmental goals. Typically, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) designs and oversees the ABA-based learning plans, while a Registered Behavior Therapist (RBT) delivers the therapy in a one-to-one or group setting.

The focus of ABA Therapy: ABA therapy addresses the symptoms of Autism by:

– Developing social skills, communication skills, motor skills, verbal skills, and reasoning abilities in order to enhance their social interactions and on-task behaviors.

– Teaching self-control and self-monitoring techniques that help the individual recognize and address repetitive behaviors or interests and accomplish specific tasks.

– Creating a modified learning environment that combines natural environment training, learning through play, and other ABA-based interventions for reducing and replacing interfering behaviors with more socially functional ones.

Commitment to ABA Therapy: While an ASD diagnosis by an experienced professional is possible when the child is 18 months or younger, treating it requires a commitment to intensive and long-term therapy of about 30 to 40 hours a week over an extended period. Ideally, parents or caregivers should explore a trusted local Autism therapy center as soon as the child receives an ASD diagnosis. Their ABA therapy experts will create flexible, high-impact learning plans that focus on helping the child succeed in their personal, academic, and professional endeavors.

Benefits of ABA Therapy: Early intensive and long-term ABA therapy in Richardson TX helps children with ASD in:

– Learning and improving the requisite skills for catching up with their neurotypical peers on various activities, including social and academic.

– Understanding and appreciating others’ perspectives, resolving conflicts, being empathetic, and behaving in a more neurotypical manner.

– Building trusting relationships that in turn help them enjoy social interactions, companionship, emotional support, affection, and a sense of belonging.

– Feeling secure and confident and functioning independently with reduced need for special services.

Behavior Pioneers, LLC, the leading autism therapy center in Dallas, specializes in ABA therapy for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Their goal is to bring about sustainable and meaningful changes in the lives of children and families dealing with Autism. Their individualized ABA plans focus on decreasing tantrums, aggression, non-compliant and self-stimulatory behaviors, and improving the child’s safety, communication, social skills, eye contact, and ability to follow on-task instructions.

Led by Clinical Director Brian Tanenbaum, the team at Behavior Pioneers designs and delivers customized ABA therapy programs through their centers at Richardson, TX and Carrolton, TX. They also offer in-home ABA-based behavioral therapy sessions throughout Dallas, TX and Fort Worth, TX.

Explore their Autism therapy center near you and learn more about ABA therapy for treating ASD. Call 877-725-8397 or contact them online. Their ABA experts are committed to early diagnosis and Autism treatments for improving the overall quality of life.

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