Is it wise to get your third Molars removed at an early age?


Why most humans have a set of teeth that are removed at some point in their life? Wisdom teeth usually appear in the early adulthood years, between 18 and 24. As they are the last adult teeth to come in, there is typically no space for proper growth or alignment. This leads to many abnormalities like

– Increasing risk of infection

– Full infection

– Partial impaction

These factors contribute to why wisdom teeth are extracted in most cases. As you reach your early teens, your dentist on regular dental check-up will keep a close eye on your wisdom teeth progression to watch and identify any issues in their development. If it appears that the wisdom teeth are growing impacted or chances are high for them to get infected, you will be recommended affordable wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney. In most cases, wisdom teeth are extracted before the roots have grown fully, preventing further damage.

What is the right time to get my wisdom teeth removed?

Wisdom teeth generally need to be removed between the time the root grows and the crown comes in. When your dentist suggests wisdom teeth removal, it is better to act sooner rather than waiting long because your dentist on x-rays and oral examination will see more than you feel.

Is it wise to get wisdom teeth removal Sydney at an early age?

Like appendix and tonsils, wisdom teeth are also some vestigial leftovers of our ancestors. Most dentists suggest their patients get wisdom teeth removed for many reasons.

Most individuals do not have enough space in their mouth for their wisdom teeth to erupt fully and function appropriately like any other teeth.

If the teeth have room to erupt, they often develop inflammation in the gums or cavities surrounding the tooth because they are difficult to reach to clean, brush and floss.

Impacted wisdom teeth unnoticed can develop complications such as:

– Tumour or cyst formation around the tooth

– Pericoronitis – infection in the gum

– Severe unexpected pain and pressure on the surrounding tooth structures

Deciding to retain or remove these molars in young adults involve many risks. The risks may include damage to nerves, adjacent teeth, and bones structures.

There are so many benefits to getting wisdom teeth removed at an early age. The main advantage is easier and less traumatic removal, particularly before the tooth roots are developed fully.

Your dentist will confirm suggesting wisdom teeth removal only after checking your mouth with repeated x-rays for risks. It is wise to follow the dentist’s advice regarding affordable Wisdom teeth removal price Sydney.

How much does wisdom teeth removal cost?

One of the reasons people avoids getting their wisdom teeth removed concerns the cost involved. wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney is relatively affordable! Moreover, getting them removed will help you spend less in future as it prevents most of the problems that might occur in the future.

The author is a dentist. With a team of health care professionals, he offers safe and affordable wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney at a pre-established fee for his patients. Visit for details.

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