Mistakes to Avoid When Making Fried Chicken


Arguably one of the most delicious comfort foods out there, fried chicken is also one of the most intimidating to make. Don’t let yourself be intimidated. With the right tips and tricks, you can make fried chicken just as delicious as any high-end restaurant’s. Here are ten mistakes to avoid when making fried chicken Castle Hill so you can get perfect fried chicken every time!

Not Starting With Fresh Chicken

This may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised at how many people think they can get away with using frozen chicken. It’s never a good idea. Always start with fresh, never frozen, and make sure it’s thawed before you begin. The texture will be drier and denser than it would have been if you started with fresh chicken that had never been frozen, so keep that in mind when seasoning.

Skipping Marination

If you’re not marinating, you’re less likely to get a nice, flavourful fried chicken. This is especially true if you like your fried chicken with a little bit of crispiness and want that crunchy crust on every bite! But how can you get that crispy crust if your meat isn’t fully cooked? Marination is the key. Marinating helps ensure that all parts of your chicken are both tender and flavourful.

Too Much Seasoning

Overseasoning chicken while frying is a recipe for disaster. While you might want your fried chicken Castle Hill covered in spices and herbs, don’t go overboard. You need just enough salt and pepper to season your chicken, no more. If you overseason your fried chicken, you run a higher risk of not only burning it but ruining its taste as well. There’s nothing worse than burnt food, and over seasoning increases that risk by quite a bit.

Overcooking Your Chicken

One of the biggest mistakes people make when frying chicken is overcooking the chicken. The finished product may be well done but will lack moisture and a desirable texture. Cook your fried charcoal chicken Castle Hill in small batches, and monitor it closely. If you’re having trouble determining doneness, use an instant-read thermometer. Make sure the meat registers 165 degrees F. at its thickest point.

Frying At Too Low a Temperature

This will result in greasy chicken. The grease needs to cook out of your chicken before it’s done so that it browns beautifully. Make sure you have your oil nice and hot before adding your chicken pieces. If you don’t have a thermometer, just drop a piece of bread into the oil and make sure it sizzles and turns golden brown within seconds. Use that as a temperature guide when frying.

There you are; try avoiding these mistakes for the crispiest, juiciest fried chicken you’ve ever made.

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