Painting Your Bathroom? Avoid These Mistakes


Is your bathroom looking dull and out-dated? Probably you want to remodel it, but you don’t have the budget. What if there’s an inexpensive and easiest way to bring life to your old bathroom? Yes, your bathroom needs a fresh coat of paint to make it look beautiful. But, if your bathroom needs a makeover to make it functional, you’ll definitely need a renovation. If your bathroom is functional and just the walls are looking dull, a painting job can make all the difference.

That said, painting a bathroom is complicated and challenging. This is because the humidity and tight space of the bathroom can make the painting job tricky and worse than you might expect. So, we, painters Chatswood, have listed the most common bathroom painting mistakes most homeowners make so that you could make informed decisions and avoid pitfalls.

Buying the Wrong Paint

See, the bathroom is one of the wettest areas in your house. The steam of a shave, the humidity of a shower, and constant water use all have the same outcomes: water on the walls. Since the walls are humid and moist always, the paint tends to wear off quicker than it should. That’s why it’s essential to choose the right paint for your bathroom. Opt for paint in eggshell or glossy to protect the paint and make it last for a long period.


This is one of the biggest blunders homeowners tend to make when painting their bathroom. Never rush to finish painting and it applies to every room in your house. Make sure the paint walls are dry before painting them. Leave the fan, door, and window open for a while after the last shower is complete so that the bathroom is dry. As exciting and tiring as the process can be, it’s essential to allow some time for every coat to dry completely before applying the next coat.

Not Preparing the Walls

It’s easy to skip on preparing the walls. It might seem to be a tiring process. But, preparing the walls before painting is a crucial step that never should be ignored. In fact, the painters Hills District suggest that the preparation work should be twice as long as the paint time. So, take time to prepare your bathroom before grabbing that brush and paint can.

Not Using the Right Tools

Using the right brush and rollers is as important as choosing the right paint colour. Invest in good, durable, and quality brushes and rollers. The quality of the brush and rollers play a significant role in achieving the desired results.

Avoid these mistakes when painting your house. Need help with painting your bathroom? We, painters Gordon, can help you.

The author is one of the best painters in Chatswood. Along with a team of professionals, he provides high-quality painting services for both residential and commercial property. Visit for more details.

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