Seasonal Classroom Activities for Annual Calendar Events

Throughout the school year, many exciting and spectacular events occur in every country! Children must be connected to real-world events and understand annual commemorations and celebrations within their community and in other cultures. Upcoming events such as Easter, Book Week, Mothers & Father’s Day, NAIDOC Week, Halloween and Christmas are thrilling days for children that many look forward to.

We can incorporate annual events into our lessons to make concepts more engaging, fun and relevant to our students. Suppose you’re looking for teaching materials for teachers and students that help you create enjoyable lessons related to calendar events. In that case, you must visit the Resources for Teaching online store.

Quality websites for teachers are a game-changer for new and experienced teachers. They can save you valuable time and energy in preparing materials for students. The Resources for Teaching website have a wonderful collection of teacher worksheets and lessons suitable for annual calendar events your children will love! Here are a few resources you might find helpful:

1.Celebrations and Traditions from Around the World:


Your students can take a trip around the world and discover some celebrations and traditions from different countries. This resource includes lecture slides filled with pictures, informational passages and interesting facts about ten unique celebrations worldwide! This is a fantastic resource for students learning about celebrations and commemorations in Australia and the world in Human Society and Its Environment lessons.

This helps students to develop respect and understanding for other class members beliefs, traditions and customs. Celebrating events like multicultural day in schools has become an integral part to the school community

2.Halloween Writing Prompts:


Includes 25 Halloween theme writing prompts for 5 different forms of writing! We have also added two bonus writing tasks your students will love. All writing tasks are aimed at students in years 1-5, however, please take a close look at the previews to ensure they are appropriate for your students.

The forms of writing include:

– Fictional narrative

– Procedural writing

– News article

– Opinion writing

– Journal writing

3.Valentine’s Day Maths Booklet


Includes eight Valentine’s Day themed math activities for students in grades 1 & 2. Perfect for math learning centers in February or as a bonus activity for early finishers to reinforce skills students have learnt. This booklet will help students with the following topics: addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, whole numbers, number and shape patterns, data and money/ financial maths.

4.Christmas Find-A-Words


The perfect activity for students to complete during the end of the school year! Includes 6 Find-A-Words that range from easy and medium to hard. Great for younger primary school students in grades 1-4. Additional cute Christmas illustrations to colour on each worksheet when finished.

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