Should I Replace Or Repair My Damaged Jewelry?

Nothing is as frustrating as finding a broken jewelry that’s so special. Even a little damage or blemish can be devastating. Fine pieces of jewelries, diamonds or expensive gemstones, hold a special meaning and history to wear from one generation to another. Giving up damaged fine jewelry is something you wouldn’t want to do. Well, then should you fix it? Will it cause further damage? While fixing broken fine jewelry is hard, there are some things you could do to fix the jewelry repair Albuquerque without having to sell them.

Fix Chipped Diamonds

Of course, a chipped diamond can’t be repaired once it’s damaged. Remember, a diamond once damaged cant’ be restored to their original integrity and value. Since the structure of the stone has been weakened, there’s a high chance that the stone will break further. But, you could exchange them. Yeah, see if your diamonds are insured as most of the stones are covered for certain damages.

You could exchange the chipped diamonds at any local Albuquerque jewelers. While an exchange is possible, there’s a chance that you might be given a diamond that’s less valuable than what you have originally paid for based on the condition of the damaged diamond. If you are willing to pay an additional amount, you could get the exact same stone for extra money.

Redesigning Old Jewelry

If a jewelry is broken accidentally, it couldn’t be repaired in most cases. However, it depends on the type of jewelry repair Albuquerque. It’s easy to reconnect broken chains rather than fixing a completely broken diamond necklace or bracelet. With a broken necklace, it’s possible to convert them into a bracelet, giving a fresh look and a new fine piece of jewelry to your wrist.

If you are wondering what to do with your one-half of earning is broken, converting them into a pendant would be a better option. On the other hand, rings that no more fit into your ring or broken can be converted into an elegant, sleek charm for your neck set or bracelet or even for your stud.

Broken jewelry with gemstones can be redesigned to any style of your choice. You could have the diamond recut or ask the jeweler to customize the jewelry according to your choice.

See, when it comes to jewelry redesigning, there are endless options available to you. If your jewelry is damaged or broken, you don’t have to throw them away. Take your jewelry to the jeweler and see what it could be done to fix or turn them into a masterpiece.

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