Signs and Symptoms of Tooth Decay


According to the U. S. Centers for Disease Control, one in four Americans live with untreated tooth decay. Tooth decay is one of the preventable dental problems. Yet, people never see it coming, even if their enamel tries its best to warn them. Untreated tooth decay can wreak havoc on your dental health, leading to tooth loss. Of course, dental implants Albuquerque nm can help replace your missing teeth. But, it is advisable to save the natural teeth as much as possible. This is because nothing can replace your natural teeth.

What Is Tooth Decay?

Tooth decay, also called dental carries, is the destruction of a tooth’s enamel due to bacteria. Enamel is the hardest outer layer of the tooth. The erosion of the enamel occurs when the bacteria is allowed to infect the inner dentin. Plaque and certain foods that are high in sugar and starch are the major causes of dental decay.

Once the enamel is eroded, bacteria can affect infiltrate the tooth’s dentin, the entire structure of the tooth, including the root, and cause a cavity. This, in turn, leads to tooth loss if not treated. However, when caught at the early stage, cavities can be removed and filled to prevent further damages. That said, a severely decayed tooth can’t be filled as it requires intensive treatments like a root canal. In worst cases, the dentist Albuquerque nm might suggest a tooth extraction.

No dental problem progresses to an irreparable condition and leads to tooth loss all of a sudden. It will show some warning signs which many people tend to ignore or overlook. Likewise, dental decay show some warning signs that indicate your teeth are decaying, and you need to prevent it from affecting the root of a tooth.

What Are The Signs That Indicate The Formation Of Cavities?

Discoloration or Dark Spots

This is one of the obvious signs that indicate your tooth is decaying. When a cavity begins to develop, it can cause dark spots on the tooth’s surface. Initially, these spots look like simple staining. You may even assume that you have mild tooth discoloration or something is stuck on your teeth. However, these spots can get bigger, indicating tooth decay. At this stage, it is easy to treat cavities and avoid further complications.

Sensitivity to Hot or Cold

As the decay continues to affect the tooth, the dentin will be exposed. This is when you’ll experience tooth sensitivity when you eat or drink cold or hot water or food. The dentin is delicate and porous and can cause problems with sensitivity. This is a tell-tale sign that there is a cavity.

Holes on Teeth

Over time, the bacteria can eat away the teeth and cause small holes and pits on the enamel. The holes are a sign that indicates you have cavities, and you’ll need a filling.

If you experience any of these signs, please visit the best dentist in Albuquerque NM and get your cavity treated to save your tooth.

The author is a blogger and dentist Albuquerque NM. Along with the team of professionals, he provides a range of dental services, including tmj treatment that is designed to improve patient’s health and smile. Visit for more details.

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