Signs that Indicate You Should Hire a Dog Behaviourist


Dogs are adorable creatures. They bring so much happiness to our lives, but when our canine friends exhibit a negative or aggressive behaviour, things can get pretty stressful. All dogs require training, but there are certain signs that indicate you should get the assistance of a professional dog behaviourist in Vancouver as soon as possible. They are as follows:

– Aggressive Behaviour:

This is an obvious sign that tells you to hire a trainer very soon. If your dog has a history of aggression, or is frequently displaying aggressive behaviour towards yourself or others, take them to a dog boarding Vancouver service. The experts can analyse and figure out the underlying cause of your pet’s aggression.

– Jumping on People:

Dogs jumping on people is often perceived as a sign of affection, but this can be a bad idea. Not everyone will feel good about your dog jumping on them, mainly because it can be a safety issue. By doing so, dogs can possibly knock you over. This can be prevented through consistent training. With the assistance of a professional dog trainer, your pet will soon understand that this isn’t an acceptable behaviour.

– Ignoring Your Calls:

If your dog won’t come to you after calling out their name, obedience training is an absolute must. Recall is an important thing to focus on when you own one or more dogs. What if your dog wanders down the street, but doesn’t respond immediately (or at all) when called? Your pet might get hit by a vehicle. Puppy training in Burnaby may be helpful in this regard, as it ensures the safety of yourself and your pets.

– Chasing its Tail:

The obsessive tail chasing is usually considered a sign of a disorder. Dogs usually do this out of boredom, stress and anxiety. It can become a habit and one should get in touch with a dog trainer to help address this issue.

Dog Training – Few Things to Remember:

Make note of the following pointers before talking to a qualified dog trainer.

– Observe your dog’s degree of disobedience. Is it as simple as your pet disobeying your commands? Or is your dog barking a lot, jumping on people, and very aggressive in general?

– After identifying the issues, focus on having your dog trained to help modify the behavioural problems. One of the problems such as your dog showing aggressive behaviour should require the assistance of a dog behaviourist.

– Be consistent with the training process, and help your dog practice whatever is being taught at a dog boarding Vancouver facility. Your involvement in training is absolutely necessary.

With good obedience training, you get to nurture your relationship with your pet. Talk to the dog training experts if you have any questions.

The author is a qualified dog behaviourist in Vancouver with over 4 years’ experience in training several dogs. In this article, he describes the different signs that show your dog needs obedience training. For more information, visit

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