Strata Painting: How Can It Make Your Building More Valuable?


Did you know the Australian sun is 17% stronger than Europe’s exposure on average during the summer months? With the intense sun-rays comes damage to many items; the most common thing is “Paint!” Are you a businessman who want your money going towards something worthwhile like building up your company instead of being spent on just appearances alone? Consider investing in strata painting Sydney! It is one of the best ways to ensure that you create a stunning first impression. Also, it helps to attract new customers and retaining old ones.

As you know, when a person walks into your establishment, the first thing they see is you and your company. Making your office appears to be well with strata painting give them the best impression. This is one of the good reasons why everyone keeps choosing a strata painting company to do the job. Still not convinced? Keep reading to know why you want strata painting to make your building look good.

Strata Painting Involve

Strata painting services – painting upkeep on a large scale commercial building.

This includes,

1. Interior areas

2. Lead and asbestos paint management and removal

3. Programmed maintenance and touch-ups

4. All coating and waterproof membrane application

5. Concrete and render repairs

6. High-pressure washing to remove harmful materials

7. Graffiti and Stain removal/prevention

Why Hire Strata Painting Services?

Reason 1:

Cracking and blistering paint can make your building go from highly sought after to shoddy and costing you more money to repair in the long run.

Reason 2:

With the proper application of strata painting done by the strata painters Sydney, you will be able to elevate the overall appearance of your commercial building.

Reason 3:

You can maintain a positive image with your clients.

Reason 4:

Unlike ordinary painting, strata painting is not only limited to applying a fresh coat of paint. Instead, it is an ongoing process to take proper care of your building through the right type of maintenance.

Reason 5:

Strata painting will reflect the overall impression of the business owner.

So, strata painting will always be a great choice.

Benefits Of Strata Painting

1. Provide a complete makeover (Top to Bottom Treatment)

2. They will deal with asbestos and lead based paint.

3. You’ll save money and time.

4. Your paint job will last longer.

Final Wrap

Tired of the constant poor comments on office looks by your employees and well-wishers? Or are you psychologically getting affected due to the boring and old appearance of your office? Why not elevate the look of the structure by hiring professionals for strata painting services? Do your homework and hire the best painting contractor.

The author of this article is an expert in strata painters Sydney. In this article, he discusses how Strata Painting can Make Your Building More Valuable. For more details, visit

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