The All New 2021 BMW i3 is here! Everything you need to know

The only BMW i3 is designed to provide an enhanced driving experience for users. It is integrated with innovative technologies that lets you “experience the future at your fingertips.” The updated BMW i3 includes some exciting new updates. The big highlight of this EV is that the German manufacturer has leaned towards using ecofriendly materials to manufacture the components. The vehicle comes in two variants – the base model i3 and the sport edition i3S. You are guaranteed to have more fun using this electric vehicle, considering how the company is taking the effort to make the BMW charging station accessible everywhere.

Jaw Dropping Performance:

For those curious, the BMW i3 is fully electric. The robust electric motor delivers a power of 135 kw. In just 6.9 seconds, the EV accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h. Whether you’re travelling around the city or taking a long trip, the stupendous performance and incredibly lightweight design is going to give you a really comfortable experience throughout.

Comfort and Connectivity:

Major manufacturers give more emphasis on infotainment, comfort, and connectivity in their EVs, and BMW is no exception. The new i3 features BMW’s signature iDrive 6 infotainment system that simply elevates your travel experience. This infotainment system has support for apple carplay and bluetooth connectivity, which allows you to make and receive calls, send text messages, stream music, and use navigation. There’s also BMW’s own navigation facility, which displays every nearby BMW charging station on your route.

I3 is also packed with appealing features for comfort. It includes 3-staged heated front seats, radio presets, advanced vehicle and key memory, and even more. Getting in and out of the vehicle is quite effortless, thanks to the rear hinged doors not being separated by a b-pillar.

Charging & EV range:

The updated BMW i3 now delivers a longer range than most its predecessors. Powered by a 42-kwh battery, this EV can deliver up to 260 km range. This is sufficient enough for a typical family trip. When using a supported BMW i3 charger type, the vehicle can be charge up to 80% in approximately 3 hours. Even better, with a 50 KW charging station, fast charging your EV is a breeze and it saves you more time!

Safety Guaranteed, as Always!

The BMW i3 ticks all the boxes of comfort, battery, and performance. But what about safety? Well, the EV serves well in that department too. The LED headlights and acoustic pedestrian protection tech allows you to drive safely and responsibly at all times. The vehicle is remarkably quiet, but in order to alert Every one of your presence and reduce the risk of collisions, the i3 produces an artificial engine noise.

As always, the BMW i3 is equipped with active driving assistant that comes with acclaimed safety features such as automatic pre-collision braking, forward collision warning, and others.

The BMW i3 is a great investment for the long term. Not only are you going to save more on fuel expenses with BMW i3 charging stations, but you also contribute towards a greener future. Need a charger? Get in touch with a reputable supplier right away!

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