The Wheels Go Around

Buses go everywhere, coursing around big streets to even the neighborhoods and some even go from city to city. It’s not a new sight for everyday folk, especially those using buses in their daily commute.

It’s only right then to say with how they’ve become a staple in day-to-day life that many people can recall what they come across in a bus, especially if they take the same one daily, and that’s where bus advertising comes in.

Bus advertising?

Think of large, transportable banners on the sides or back of buses. You’ve probably come across them as a pedestrian, passenger, or even driver when on the streets.

Think of large format national campaigns or granular depot targeting. Bus ads have been called “moving billboards” due to how comparable they can be, but bus ads have a strong suit: transportability.

Unexpected Sights

Now when one thinks of the bus advertising cost, they tend to worry it might be on the same pricing as billboards. The truth is only a handful of companies take part in bus advertising for the same reason why it’s effective, it’s because it has become a daily sight especially for metropolitan cities.

While billboards and posters are constant by being fixed to a structure or place, buses travel around.

Billboards and banners, which are forms of out-of-home advertising, bus advertising reaches a wide and broad audience that isn’t just tied to one area. One can’t ignore or turn off a bus ad when it’s in front of them whether they’re a passenger, a pedestrian, or even a driver. We might not notice it but seeing advertisements when we’re in traffic or doing a run, especially those from restaurants, entices us.

In addition, when a bus has a banner on it by the morning of its commute, it stays there for the entire duration of its travel. Let’s say perhaps the banner will only be up for a day but already in that one day, it would have already been seen and noticed by a wide audience all across the city.

Even in our current time of home-working, there are still advantages to going for bus advertising. Bus advertising rates have become more manageable as other mediums for advertising are introduced, especially in digital platforms.

As mentioned before, only a handful of companies compete in bus advertising, with bigger companies even amassing plenty of banners on buses to have a wider coverage of their businesses and products. Think of the biggest restaurant chains and even malls of your local city.

At best, bus ads invite people to reach for their phones and give a business a call, or even prompt them to go to the store themselves, and at its worst, people still take notice even if only sparing a glance when it passes by them.

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