Tips for Choosing the Right Paint Colours When Renovating Your House


Are you renovating your house? Well, when done right, it could be a rewarding project that gives you good ROI. When remodelling your house, you’ll have to consider several things and make a number of decisions to ensure things happen as it was planned and bring the results you wanted to have.

Among the decisions, selecting the right paint colour for your home is a major decision as it can make or break the design. In fact, the interior and exterior painting North Shore colours you choose to make a huge difference in how your house looks and feel. Not to mention colours have a psychological effect on your mood.

While some colours are soothing gives a relaxing feel, others make you feel energised and inspired. There are colours that can turn you off and vice versa. That’s why it is imperative to select the right shades when renovating your house. But, don’t worry, these tips from our painting North Shore house painters North Shore can help pick the right hues:-


Homeowners make the mistake of overlooking the lighting in every room when choosing a paint colour. That’s why paint stores have light boxes to test different paint chips. Paint colours look different in brighter and dull areas due to the lighting. For example, fluorescent lighting delivers a sharp blue tone to the paint, while indecent bulb lights bring out yellow and warmer tones. It’s the natural lighting that brings the truest shade of colour. So, if your home relies on lighting from a source, it’s better to consider the lighting in different rooms and then choose the right one.


What type of mood do you want to create in a room? You would want the area to be energising and inspiring in the kids room while the living area to be lively and upbeat. Colours have the potential to evoke different emotions in us. While bold and strong colours are intimate and dramatic, neutral colour are soothing and calm. That’s why painters North Shore insist on considering the psychology of colours and provide colour consultation accordingly so that you could set the mood you want in a room.

Paint Finish

It’s not necessary to choose a single paint finish for all the rooms. You could be as creative as possible and apply different finishes or even multiple finishes if you think out-of-the-box. So, choose the paint finish according to your needs and the effect you want to create in a particular room.

When you consider these factors, choosing paint colours for your house isn’t that difficult. While you could repaint your house by yourself, it’s a good idea to hire painters.

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