Tips To Improve the Success Rate of Dental Implants


If you’ve been thinking about getting dental implants in Melbourne, you’ve probably heard that they have a very high success rate. True! The success rate of dental implants ranges from 93 to 98 percent. And, once in place, dental implants tend to last even a lifetime. The success rate of dental implants is 90 to 95 percent. Instead, a successful dental implant operation requires a few crucial elements.

Take Action Immediately

A wait-and-see attitude to dental implants is ineffective. You should receive your implants as soon as possible if it becomes evident that you won’t be able to save a tooth or if it has already been extracted. Your body will begin to eliminate bone from the location where your tooth was removed, but dentist need that bone to support your dental implants. Although dentist can often operate with weakened bone, it’s preferable if they don’t have to. Dentist can provide you with sedation dentistry so that they can insert dental implants while you sleep, which will make the treatment go more smoothly. The dental implants cost in Melbourne will be less based on the severity of the procedure.


Your body will begin to create bone around your implants once they have been put. This procedure is critical for securing the implants, and you must be in good health to do it effectively. Gum disease can damage your dental implants in the same way it destroys your teeth, eroding the bone around your implants. You must maintain proper oral hygiene to keep gum disease under control.


Dental implants benefit from exact placement, which is why you should choose a dental office that plans your implant surgery with cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT). This type of 3D x-ray helps dentists to calculate the exact volume and density of your bones, allowing for perfect implant placement planning before surgery. It emits less radiation than typical CT scans and can be focused on specific areas of your jaw for better detail. It also features an open design, so you won’t feel cramped if you’re claustrophobic.

Experience And Expertise

Nothing, however, will have a greater impact on your success rate than the competence level of your implant dentist. According to studies, your dentist’s experience is the single most essential element in influencing your success rate; therefore choose your dentist carefully. Inquire about a dentist’s dental implant education, including any postgraduate training. Keep in mind that not all dental education courses are made equal. You want someone who has more than a weekend’s worth of implant implantation experience. Inquire about their experience inserting dental implants, as well as how frequently they do it.


Last but not least, you must be devoted to your dental implant treatment. Dental implants are a long-term investment, and you must be prepared to maintain them. Fortunately, the standards for dental implant care are not very demanding. First and foremost, make all of your follow-up appointments. Next, make a commitment to going to your dentist on a regular basis, and more frequently if your dentist suggests it. Finally, you must brush and floss as usual. If you are wondering about the dental implants Melbourne cost, you can contact Dental Implant Professionals.

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