What are the signs of Impacted Wisdom Teeth and when to extract them?


If you are in the teens, you may have seen the erupting wisdom teeth, your third set of molars. These are the final set of teeth to come in. While most of us have four, some have only two, and others have none. They are nicknamed ‘wisdom teeth’ as they come into the mouth when you grow and supposedly grow wise. These teeth mostly grow struck because we don’t have adequate space to hold all four. If you are enduring some specific changes in the mouth, you might wonder if you have wisdom teeth. Yet, only the dentist can verify if that is your molar that causes problems and if you need wisdom teeth removal Sydney.

Do they bother?

Not regularly, but seldom they do. Impacted wisdom teeth, although they become impacted, they don’t pose pain every time. They reside silent and push neighbouring teeth ending in a misaligned bite. Impacted teeth may cause pain when the gum around them get affected and swell due to bacterial buildup. When neglected, they can expand to the nearby teeth, where your dentist will recommend affordable wisdom teeth removal cost Sydney.

The dentist will further recommend regular dental appointments to monitor the wisdom teeth once you enter your teens.

What are the symptoms of your Impacted molar?

Reddened or Swollen Gums:

Increased gum sensitivity around the wisdom teeth region can be seen, and these are the first signs of the erupting wisdom teeth.

The gums may also bleed while you floss and clean. However, be aware that these are also the signs of gum disease, so see your dentist promptly when you see blood while you brush in the morning.

Struggle Opening The Jaw:

Not only your gums swell, but they also become painful to open and close your mouth when the wisdom tooth starts erupting. The pain might be mild in the beginning and may become intense with time.

For some people, the pain may also come and go in phases, like they may feel discomfort only for a few days.

Bad Breath:

As the wisdom teeth start to erupt because they are located in the farthest end of the mouth, they are challenging to clean, which results in bacterial accumulation in the gums that results in an unpleasant odour in the mouth—biting and chewing also become an excruciating task when they are left unnoticed.

There are many other signs like headaches, swollen glands in the neck and shoulders. Every single person is different and experiences different signs from others. Here we have addressed some of the common symptoms that may indicate your wisdom tooth eruption. You may experience various symptoms from the discussed ones. It is wise to consult with your dentist to check your Wisdom Teeth Sydney to ensure if they may cause possible problems in the future and if you will require removal.

The author is a dentist. With a team of health care professionals, he offers safe and affordable wisdom teeth removal Sydney at a pre-established fee for his patients. Visit http://wisdomteethsydney.com.au// for details.

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