What Causes Peeling Paint On Your Property?


Is the paint on the interior and exterior walls of your facility starting to peel off? Probably you are hoping to fix it and keep it from happening again, aren’t you? While painting over the peeled spot might seem to be a good idea and cost-effective, you can’t prevent it from happening. Yes, because the root cause of the issues wasn’t fixed. The paint on your facility is peeling for an underlying issue and will just peel again, even after several coats, unless the root cause is identified and fixed.

Usually, peeling paint is not isolated to a particular area and might new strata painting Sydney job. Paint peels for a number of reasons, ranging from the choice of your paint and how it was painted to moisture and temperature.

Addressing the root cause is curial to solve the issue, and for that, you must know what causes paint to feel. So, take a look at these common causes of peeling paint:-


Moisture is the biggest enemy to buildings, and it is one of the major causes of peeling paint. So, why does this happen? It’s because water can seep through the coats of paint and cause it to separate from the surface of the wall. Moisture can happen due to various reasons, including water damage, humidity, and condensation. Leaking walls and roofs are the major causes of moisture. If your office roofs are leaking, fix that before painting. On the other hand, condensation can cause mould and mildew growth, which can cause many paint issues between the layers for years. Besides, it’s unhealthy to breathe. So, get the moisture treated before fixing the peeling paint.

Dry Climates

Dry temperatures can prevent paint from adhering to the wall effectively. This can cause the paint to peel from the surface. In some areas, extreme dry temperatures can destroy paint jobs, both exterior and interior. This is because high heat can cause the paint to dry out and separate from the walls, making the paint vulnerable and fragile to cracking.

Lack of Prep

This is one of the significant reasons for peeling, flaking, and cracking paint. Not preparing the walls can lead to many issues, and you can’t achieve the desired results. Painting over a previous paint job without preparing the walls, not applying prime, using the wrong brush size for the type of paint, and application can all affect the painting job. So, prepare the walls before painting.

As you see, addressing the root cause of peeling or cracking paint is crucial than trying to repaint the walls. Need help with resolving paint problems in your facility? We, strata painters Sydney, can help you. For more queries about strata painting services, please call us.

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