What to Consider Before Painting Your Facility?


The commercial painting process differs from painting residential buildings. The paint should not only enhance the building’s appearance but also be used functionally. Also, it can’t be done by the average painter. You’ll need commercial painting contractors Sydney who are specialised in commercial painting. When it comes to commercial painting Sydney, skill and proper planning and preparation make for a long-lasting, beautiful paint job. Take a look at the factors that you need to consider before painting your facility.

Scope of the Project

What’s the scope and extent of your painting project? How many buildings should be painted? When do you need to complete the painting project? You should also consider the time of year to painting the office or facility. Consider your business cycle and try to select the times when the painting will cause minimal inconvenience to the activities in your facility.


Be it residential or commercial painting, preparation is the key to a long-lasting, beautiful paint job. Unlike residential buildings, the walls and surfaces of an office, grocery store, restaurant, or other commercial buildings are more likely to suffer damage. Before painting the walls of your building, it’s essential to preparing the walls to avoid expensive repairs and repainting in the future. Preparing the walls involve clearing rust, repairing drywall damage, and cleaning the surfaces. Proper surface preparation will ensure proper paint adhesion and a high-quality finish. So, make sure not to skimp on the preparation of the surface before painting your office or facility.

Choosing the Right Colour

This is often an overlooked aspect of a commercial painting project. Facility managers don’t think much about the colours. But, colours have a great impact on customers, clients, and employees. Right colours can make your office or facility more attractive and appealing to your target audience, employees, and visitors. In fact, the right colour choice can make the difference between a dull property and a masterpiece. Get colour consultation from the commercial painters Sydney according to the commercial painting trends, colour psychology, and paint development to make your building look appealing to everyone.

Safety Standards

The health and safety of your employees and building visitors should be your top priority. Choose the right paint that doesn’t cause any harm to the building occupants. Opt for odourless paints to avoid problems for customers after the project.

Choose the Right Painter

Due to the fact that commercial painting involves unique challenges, it’s recommended to select the right commercial painting contractors. An experienced painting contractor can help you in all possible ways regarding commercial painting, right from colour consultation and choosing the right colours to preparation, painting, and clean up. Skilled commercial painters will provide valuable suggestions for the proper implementation of the project to maximise your ROI.

The author is one of the skilled commercial painters in Sydney. Along with a team of professionals, he provides high-quality painting service for both residential and commercial property. Visit https://brushworks.com.au/ for more details.

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