What Your Kids’ Socks Say About You?


People will never tell you this, but you should probably be concerned about what your kids’ socks say about you. That’s why we’ve put together this guide on what each different kind of kid’s sock says about you and your parenting skills, so you can dress them in the way that best shows off your abilities as a parent while also choosing clothes that they love to wear. Let us help you raise the perfect child with these easy tips!

What your unicorn socks say about you?

Unicorn socks kids are both fun and colourful. They love to be surrounded by their friends, often looking for a party to attend. They may enjoy parties and staying up late, but it’s very hard for them to wake up in time for school. These socks show that you enjoy life and like to have fun, just like your kids do! However, they also say that you may not be good at waking up on time and staying focused throughout an entire day. If your child is constantly running late for school or falling asleep during class, maybe it’s time to switch out their unicorn socks with some other fun sock styles instead. If your child has drama llama socks as well as unicorn socks kids, they are more likely to be outgoing and playful than if they only had one of these two sock styles.

Drama Llama Socks

The peak of Drama Llama-ness has to be sock snobbery. If your little one is particularly proud of his or her unicorn socks kids, then they probably like a bit of drama in their daily life. These kids will have an opinion on everything (they might even refer to it as opinions rather than just sharing whatever is on their mind), and will have their own set of rules for what’s acceptable and what isn’t. But don’t worry: As long as you let them wear those fun unicorn socks kids, there’s nothing wrong with letting them get away with having a few extra rules here and there. It’s just part of who they are!

Pony Socks

Show off your flair for drama with these socks pony that are shaped like ponies. Each sock is equipped with a horn and ears that are sure to give you an edge over any other unicorn fan. These socks will add a flash of colour to any outfit, making them perfect for your next night out. Pick up several pairs to match with every dress in your closet! These socks also make great gifts—for children or adults! Be sure to order two pairs: one for each foot!

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