What Your Sydney Criminal Defense Attorney Wants You to Know

It pays to be prepared when it comes to criminal law; failing to do so can result in serious consequences such as fines, a criminal record, and even prison time. And one of the best ways to protect yourself from those outcomes is to hire criminal defense lawyers to represent you in court, argue in your favour, and devise a defence strategy.

Of course, it is not a one-way street; in order to establish a defence, you must first meet your defense attorney halfway. Unfortunately, there are a number of common issues that our legal experts encounter on a regular basis. Clients who don’t understand, in particular:

– What they must do in their capacity as accused

– How the justice system operates

To assist with this,this article briefly discusses some of the things the best lawyers Sydney defence legal experts wish the seeking legal counsel in criminal cases knew.

1. Good lawyers can get the accused out of it regardless of what type of criminal offence.

This type of question is a common question and sentiment aggravated by news coverage and Television series.

People all heard of someone getting away with something they clearly did because they “had a good lawyer”. As a result, many clients come in expecting a defence attorney to easily get them out of whatever they’ve been accused of.

However, it doesn’t mean that the claim of the best lawyers Sydney legal experts are false, as criminal defense lawyers are a team of excellent people at what they do; But, there are some things that even the good criminal lawyer cannot assist with. Their actual goal is to assist you in obtaining the best solution considering the conditions. While this usually entails arguing your innocence, it all depends on the conditions of your case and the strength of your case.

If those conditions include absolute proof against you, it may be necessary to shift gears and argue for a lesser charge or a lesser penalty instead. A good defence attorney can work miracles, but only when there is a strong legal argument to be made or proof to substantiate your innocence. They aren’t magicians and can’t make up stories for the case, thus cannot promise a result.

2. Facts are needed.

The best lawyers Sydney professionals will need all the facts in order to form a legal defence. This is all dependent on you trusting your lawyer and feeling more confident enough to provide the necessary facts – without this, the entire legal system would collapse.

Client legal privilege is a critical way of ensuring this trust. This is a common law legal right held by all individuals in Australia who have been accused of wrongdoing. It is also known as legal profession privilege.

This guarantees that everything you say to the criminal defense lawyers is kept private and any acceptances of remorse or misdeeds are included.

3. Before going to the police, consult with your attorney.

Many people believe that entering an interview with a lawyer present is a sure sign of guilt, and that if they are honest, they will clear the air and be free to leave. After all, they are innocent and thus have nothing to fear – the truth will be revealed during the interview.

Regrettably, this mindset can frequently work against you. In times of stress, you may inadvertently say things that cast suspicion on you or contradict your story. Even so, police interviews can be perplexing, particularly for those unaccustomed with the procedure.

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