When do you really have to wear socks

Socks have been part of the realm of fashion in the past decade. It’s no longer just used functionally as we do when we use them under shoes. They have been known to add an aesthetic touch on the way people express themselves in the context of garments. But it’s important to remember that socks are more than just undergarments for your feet.

Garments like socks are an essential part for the general health of your feet. First of all, they absorb moisture and they also prevent sores caused by friction. They act as cushions for the feet and provide padding which helps keep them warm. This is even more important during the winter days in some regions of countries like Australia. You can even make it fun by wearing animal socks Australia offers. Animal socks are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

Quick Reminders When Wearing Socks

Although it is imperative to keep wearing your socks at times that they are needed, there are complications we need to be weary of.

While wearing socks can keep the feet dry to avoid fungal spores which are attracted to damp, dark places, it is also important to regularly clean and change the socks you’re using. A sock is only as good as it is clean.

There are also socks that are specialized for specific purposes like compression socks. It’s generally beneficial but there are complications that you need to be careful of when used improperly.

What are compression socks

The circulatory system leads the distribution of oxygen-rich blood in your body from your heart. This oxygen-rich blood is key to every movement that you make but is easily depleted.

Your daily movement is mostly focused on your leg. On top of that, the veins in that area have to work against gravity to return the blood to your heart. This extra effort exerted leads to a faster degradation of your leg arteries. That’s when compression socks enter the picture. Thay help your leg arteries by applying pressure to your ankle. This supports the circulatory system as they send blood back to your heart.

However, when compression socks are too tight, they could cut off circulation. It could also cause bruising on your legs. Moreover, it could also cause itching, redness, and irritation. All of these reasons are why compression socks can only mostly be obtained by prescription.

To avoid all these complications, it’s easier to wear socks that are simple and readily available. There are a lot of options you can choose such as ones you can readily find in department stores. You can look for socks with character prints, funny animal socks, and plain ankle socks to make it personal and fun.

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