When Should You Get A Solicitor/Lawyer?

To answer the question, first is to differentiate the two words, Solicitor and Lawyer. It is hard to distinguish every time you hear the terms Solicitor and Lawyer. This sometimes leads to confusion in addressing a certain individual as they may mean the same thing. But how do they differ from each other? Should you call a Solicitor a Lawyer?

With that being said, we will try to define both terminologies and what exactly they do.


An individual that is not Barrister or Judge but has a practising certificate.


A person practicing law with a certificate. These can be Solicitors, Barristers or Judges.


An individual who passed the Bar Examination. They stand in court on behalf of people and run arguments.

In Australia, the term ‘Lawyer’ is employed in exchange for the term ‘Solicitor’ when describing a professional legal professional who provides advice. To be a practising Lawyer, someone must have completed the undergraduate or postgraduate tertiary study. In addition, law graduates must complete Practical or Supervised Legal Training before seeking admission to the bar. Only then will someone hold a practising certificate and call themselves a Lawyer — and can presumably use the term Lawyer as this can be what’s commonly utilised in Australia.

When To Have A Solicitor/Lawyer?

Suppose you are planning to buy a piece of real estate or having tax problems, estate planning and wills or even divorce and child custody. In that case, you may start looking for best solicitor Sydney. The best solicitor Sydney will help you arrange your strategies and which options you should use to have good results. You can also have the best solicitor Sydney with other cases such as harassment, immigration problems, law enforcement, wrongful arrest, or even starting a business.

If you are involved in a crime, it would be best to get a criminal defence lawyer. Lawyers have their own specialty too. Criminal defence lawyers are experts when it comes to running technical arguments. They can turn tables in your favour, or if you are found guilty of the crime, at least they can change the crime committed, giving the defendant a lower sentence.

If you are about to be sued, or if you plan on taking legal action against another person, but you simply don’t know when that will be, speak with a lawyer immediately. There are statutes of limitation that differ from one state to the following. So if you have a case, it’s always better to confer with a lawyer before it is too late.

Good lawyers near me come with a price. But what you are actually paying for is the experience. Imagine good lawyers near me spent hours on the tribunal and studying the laws, looking for loopholes from the offence team. Good lawyers near me are very knowledgeable and know when to draw your trump card to turn the events in your favour. Basically, this is what a person is paying for every time they hire a Solicitor/Lawyer.

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